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Simply being here reading this tells me you understand the importance of a good looking, functional website. Great minds think alike! Let’s take a look at the questions you should ask yourself, ideally before starting your website project to make the process run a whole lot quicker and smoother!

Follow Byte, our intergalactic friend. He will guide you through the process…

Hi, I’m Byte.

Don’t be fooled by my good looks,
I have a list of very important
things you need to consider
before starting a web project.

So here's a familiar scenario…

Your searching for a local product or service online. You click on a companies web link in the search results only to arrive on a page that you struggle to find any of the answers you were looking for? Maybe you can’t even see a prominent phone number or they have no email form? Frustration sets in and you quickly lose patience.

What do you do next?  YOU LEAVE THE PAGE FOREVER.

That business just lost a potential customer due to a poorly planned and designed website. Chances are, you're not the only person that has left that website, how many other leads are they losing each week? Each month? Each year!?

Keeping that image of a deserted website in mind, turn your attention to your own business website.

If you were to list the most wanted actions you wanted YOUR potential customers to take when they arrived at your website, what would those things be?

  Call you now?

  Make a booking?

  Fill in a contact form?

  Sign up to a mailing list?

  Watch a cat video? 

Whatever it is, you want to make sure you have a clear direct call to action on your website.

That Web Company will provide your customers with a positive and natural online experience, boosting your brand image while growing your business with REAL RESULTS.


So. Are you ready to invest in a beautifully designed, functional website, guided every step of the way by an expert team experienced in digital marketing strategies, website design, website development, logo design and branding?

The only thing left to do is to get the conversation started now!

Let's get the jump on your competitors!? But first, let me tell you about the other benefits of working with us..

Apart from our ability to make viewers take action on your website, we also provide:

1. Competitive pricing & payment options.

Our professional services are actually super affordable for most small to medium sized businesses. And you know what? We offer our clients a range of payment options / plans and add-ons to build the perfect package, meeting their project requirements AND budget.

Experience in all the right places…

2. We provide huge value with our skillset.

It’s hard to find a team with the right skillset to build great websites. That web company have found the perfect combination of a highly sort after digital marketing strategist, paired with a web designer who has been well educated in the relationship between corporate design and marketing…

We don’t use the commoditised pre-made templates…

3. That’s right! We build custom designed websites!

We could also buy a product off a shelf like many other companies do, but we believe in the importance of putting all the right things in all the right places! Every customer has different marketing objectives. This is why we design and build our own custom templates…

Have control over your own website…

4. We use the WordPress content management system.

As of 2018, 30% of ALL websites on the internet are run with WordPress (W3Techs). WordPress is built to assist in the responsive nature of your site across multiple devices. It also makes it much easier to make minor changes to your own website.

Oh, and did we mention that Google's search engine loves sites built with WordPress! We can set you up with basic SEO (search engine optimisation) relevant to your industry niche' until you have the budget to work with an SEO marketing firm.

Get a website built for results in  2020. TAKE ACTION NOW

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