Your Google Maps API Key: Quick Setup Guide!

by | Nov 21, 2018

First, What is an API Key and when would I need to use one?
If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, you may be interested in adding an active Google Map to your website for users to see where you are located and get directions to your business. We achieve this by installing a WordPress map plugin and configure it by intergrating your very own verified Google API key.

The google API Key is a digital token (basically a code of numbers and letters!). When this token is added to a digital map it not only authenticates your businesses location, but allows you to gain access to important marketing information such as the ability to monitor your map queries (if applicable).

Are there any fees involved in using Google Maps on my website?
When you generate an API Key using your Google account, you will need to provide your billing details. But don't worry – Google allows up to 25,000 map users per day completely free of charge. We are always looking for alternative mapping solutions, however, we use Google Mapping services as Google is currently the most trusted provider for this service and obviously own the rights to present Google Map information. In using alternative mapping solutions with an API Key, you risk that service being shut down by Google..   

If you have a large business and your map is exceeding more than 25,000 map users per day, you would then be charged according to Google's Pricing Platform.

Please Note: If you do not wish to create a Google account or generate an API Key for any reason, we will simply opt against using a map in your website design, or you can delete the mapping plugin after your website has been launched.

Ready? Let's get your API Key!
STEP 1: Open Google Maps Platform and Create a New Project
1. To get started, head over to the Google Maps Plaform and click the “GET STARTED” button.
2. Select all three map products (Maps, Routes, Places) and then click “CONTINUE”.
STEP 2: Select a project
1. Enter a name for your project, agree to the terms (with your consent) and then click “NEXT”. You may want to name your project like this example: “Your Business Name API Key”.
STEP 3: Set up your Billing Account.
1. In the updated window, click on “CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT”.

2. Fill in your personal details on the form that is presented including your billing details.

STEP 4: Get your API Key.
1. The next window will display the message: “Enable your API's”. Press “NEXT”.

2. You will now see a window that displays your API key. Please copy the key and email it to thatwebcompany so we can complete your Google Map installation.

*We recommend that you copy your API Key then paste it into a document to make sure you have copied the Key correctly before closing the API display window.

Task Completed. Well done!