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Wouldn't you agree, these days it seems like every man and his dog is a digital marketing expert?

The problem quite often though, is that although they may know how to technically build a website or setup a Facebook ad campaign, its not uncommon that they don’t know the first thing about sales or marketing. So stop and think about this for a second. You may be getting advice from a technician who knows very little about salesmanship or marketing and your expecting them to come up with a digital marketing strategy that sends a flood of hungry customers banging at your door – No wonder we see so many websites as empty as a ghost town.

Business owners are spending thousands of $$$$$ on their digital marketing and getting little to no results in return. The basic problem here is a lack of marketing and sales experience. You don’t get advice from a baker on what’s wrong with you car, do you? So when you want advice on your digital marketing, you want to speak with someone who has sold millions of dollars worth of products and service online. Now, if you approach most digital marketing agencies, they’ll probably charge you between $2K – $5K to give you this advice – and that’s just not viable for most small businesses

“That’s why we offer a one hour digital marketing strategy consultation for just $250. We’re passionate about helping small businesses be competitive against “The big boys” and we figured this is one way we can help”.

Here are just some of the things we cover in our digital marketing strategy consultation:

The single biggest reason why most SEO campaigns Fail – (and the simple little secret you can implement to make sure yours doesn’t).
2 simple questions that will completely transform the way you approach all of your marketing forever.
The single biggest mistake most small businesses make with the online marketing strategy.

How you can turn more visitors into customers with one simple little hack.

The secret advertising strategy that can increase you ad response by 2,3,5 or even 10 times.
How to craft attention grabbing, enticing messages that force your visitors to take action.
How to transform a poorly performing website into a sales generating machine.
The money making, 100 year old advertising secret that almost none of your competitors would have ever heard about.
And much much more! .

Besides discovering all that, we’ll also guide you in developing your very own digital marketing strategy with useful, implementable tips that you can apply immediately. We can’t wait to meet you and offer some great tips to help you get more customers and grow your business!

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