If you're a small business owner who …

Is just about to launch your business … or – Is already in business …

And you need to generate leads and attract more customers …

Then you've come to the right place!

Because you’re about to discover:

A powerful, step by step online marketing system that makes reaching people
who are desperately looking for your products and services …

As easy as A – B – C for only $20

My name is Mark Kostner. I've spent nearly 30 years in business, and for over half of those years, I've been helping small business owners (some with absolutely no marketing experience) generate leads and attract paying customer online.

How do I do that? …

Well, It's really quite simple… I've blown a ton of money on courses, ads and campaigns that didn't work, BUT in that process, I also discovered what did work.

“I've picked out the most important and effective lessons I've learnt and created a simple to follow, step by step process that you can replicate over and over again to create compelling ads that demand a prospects attention”.

Campaigns that keep prospects engaged throughout your entire sales funnel, sales pages that convert browsers into buyers and leave happy customers raving about your products and services online …

“Here's how you can get a ‘brain dump' of everything I've learnt about digital marketing over the last 15 years of trial and error … – for less than the cost of a family pizza!”

Getting people to buy your products and services isn't rocket science – it all boils down to value and your ability to effectively communicate that value to others.

That's why I put everything I've learnt over the last 15 years into a 3 part workshop called the
“Digital Marketing Masterclass.”

Now, before you start saying, ‘not another workshop’ …

This workshop is totally different to anything you've seen before.

The Digital Marketing Masterclass isn't just about showing you how to set up a Facebook campaign or trying to convince you that SEO is better than Google Ads (or visa versa depending on what the salesperson is trying to sell you …)

The Digital Marketing Masterclass takes you on a marketing journey…

– one that will arm you with knowledge, practical skills, experience and a blueprint that you can replicate time and time again to create highly targeted, successful digital marketing campaigns that actually work.

In fact – you'll walk out of the final workshop having planned your very first successful digital marketing campaign – from start to finish.

Here's how the system works …

There are 3 x 3 hour workshops spread across three weeks

We've broken the workshops up into easily digestible chunks with lots of learning, practical exercises and even some fun activities to get your creative juices flowing between workshops!

With each one, you're going to gain a bunch of new, essential marketing skills.

Workshop One:

Introduces you to the world of direct response marketing

– as the name suggests – it's all about getting people to RESPOND to your marketing, not just feel good and then move on, or even worse, ignore your marketing altogether.

You'll also learn a simple step by step process to uncover your prospects hidden motivations and desires. Unlocking their innermost desires and fears gives you incredibly powerful insights into exactly what your customer needs to hear from you in order for them to do business with you …

“It's almost like becoming a mind reader – and then simply telling them exactly what they need to hear from you in order for them to say YES! To you”.

You'll also ‘dig deep' to uncover the hidden value in your products and services.

Here's a sneak peek at just some of what you'll discover in the first workshop …

How to get inside the minds of people desperately looking for your products and services so you can grab their attention with laser targeted, enticing ads.

The one fundamental key to success in business and how to squeeze every last drop of value out of it.

How to instantly grab your prospects attention and have them begging for more.

How to ‘dig deep' and uncover so much value in your products and services that your prospects simply can't help but to reach for their wallets.

Discover the one, single most important factor that nearly everyone ignores when creating their customer avatar – and why it's absolutely crucial to your marketing success.

The one thing your prospect is just dying to hear from you – and when you do, will have them handing over their cash faster than you can blink an eye.

Why 97.5% of ads completely fail in grabbing a prospects attention (and what to do about it).

Learn how to ‘speak your customer's language' in a way that will make them feel like they've known you their whole lives – building instant rapport and trust with your prospect.

Workshop Two:

Crafting powerful, compelling ads that sell!

In workshop two you'll start using everything that you've uncovered about your target prospect and what they really want to hear from you to craft powerful, compelling ads that demand your prospects attention, sales pages, emails or videos that will have customers begging to do business with you.

“Discover the nine essential elements of a successful sales page that will take your message from dead boring to ‘here's my wallet and my husband… Just give me what you've got!”

It won't end there though, here a few more of the many things you'll learn in the second workshop …

The difference between ads that cost you money and ones that make you money – and the simple steps to follow to make sure you don't blow a wad of cash on useless, underperforming ads

How to write riveting ads that demand peoples attention.

How to write sales letters that turn reluctant windows shoppers into paying customers.

A complete step-by-step blueprint to creating ads and sales letters that actually work – even if you've never written a single ad in your life.

How to completely dissolve all your customer's objections so that they just can't help but say “sure why not, let's do it!”

How to instantly stand out from your competitors and be the “go-to” business in your niche.

By the end of Workshop two, you'll have everything you need to create enticing, compelling ads and sales letters that get people to buy your stuff.

Workshop Three:

Where are your customers? … Let’s go find them!

Workshop three is where you start putting it all together, learning and understanding which platforms suit your business best.

Discover exactly where and how to find people who are desperately looking for your products and services, how to build digital marketing funnels that build such strong rapport, and deliver so much value that your customers can't but help but to do business with you.

“Learn how to avoid being bamboozled by slick SEO sales sharks trying to lock you into incredibly unfair contracts!”.

Let's take a look at some of the other useful things you'll discover in workshop

One simple strategy that will virtually guarantee you won't ever blow tons of money on underperforming, ineffective ads again.

Know exactly what to ask and how to spot a shark when speaking to SEO sales consultants.

How to get the most out of your Google ads.

How to get in front of hungry customers desperately looking for someone in their local area.

The 2 simple questions you absolutely must ask yourself when creating any marketing – this one tip could be one of the most important things you learn in the whole workshop.

How to quickly create ad campaigns that target hot prospects that are just dying to buy from you.

How to get immense value from your Google ads – even if you don't make a single sale!

The simple fundamental steps anyone can take to get a high ranking on Google’s search engine.

How to design beautiful looking sales pages that support and re-enforce your marketing message.

Workshops like this usually start at around

Thanks to funding from the Small Business Development Corporation and the Government of Western Australia

– you get all this for just $20

That's all three workshops

– 9 hours – of training, mentoring and personalised support all for just $20

Oh, did I mention

the huge video library?

As if getting 9 hours of personalised coaching and mentoring wasn't enough …

you'll also get 12 months access to our huge collection of video tutorials which you can watch any time day or night …

If you've ever got stuck trying to set up a Google Ads campaign, create a Facebook ad, have no idea where to start with Google Search Console or Google Analytics then …

You're going to LOVE these videos!

They've been specially created to take you step-by-step through all the ‘tech stuff' you'll need to know like:

There is one catch though …

We can only accept 14 people at a time to these workshops!

These workshops aren't your typical workshops.

The whole program has been designed more like a coaching and mentoring program – where I take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step through the entire process of creating your very first, successful digital marketing campaign from start to finish – you'll be doing lots of exercises, and discovering things about your customers, product and services, and even about yourself that you had no idea even existed

But in order to deliver the personalised, almost one on one attention you'll need to take you on this journey we are forced to limit the number of business owners we accept to only 14 at a time.

We already had people trying to secure a spot

BEFORE the workshop was officially launched

So, if you want to secure your spot

… you'll need to act FAST