When graphic design and direct response marketing collide – sales happen

We don't want your prospective customers to simply be impressed by the design of your advertising collateral. We want them to take action – now.

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We approach graphic design and advertising design from a slightly different angle. Sure, we still design with the intention of creating eye-catching and professionally laid out items, but where many print and digital advertising pieces fall flat is in the actual marketing message (or the fact there is no message). What we do is, ask you a series of questions to better understand the audience or audience segment you plan to target with your advertising and how they truly benefit from the products and services you're offering them.

What are the challenges, fears, frustrations and desires that compel a prospect to take that next step and want to become one of your customers? The answer to these questions contains the solid basis of your marketing message – a message that will turn your marketing piece from “pretty looking” into the sales-driving investment that keeps on giving.

Get one giant leap ahead of your competitors …

We’re sure you’ve noticed all the companies claiming to be Perth’s #1 graphic design agency (what does that even mean)? Rather than make a super bold claim, what we can profess is that we understand the power of persuasion and how it can be utilised to put more money in your business bank account.

Creating designs with the right message allows your prospects to make that personal connection, move forward, and do business with you.

Image of a pull up banner display.

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What makes us different?

Our Marketing Perspective

We make sure your marketing message is at the forefront of the design and speaks directly to your target audience.

More Sales Communication

Forget “brand awareness”. Our direct response approach gets prospects to take action and engage with you – now.

We Retain Their Attention

Our attention spans are getting shorter as we’re all fed so much content, daily. We make them stop and pay attention.

Graphic design solutions ready for you

That Web Company can offer you a large range of design solutions, ready to serve your business by driving more sales. Here is a shortlist of some of our most popular graphic design services:

Digital design solutions

Logo design

Social media banners

Social media adverts

Other online adverts

Email signatures

3D renders

Graphics & icons

Print design solutions

Business cards & magnets

Pull up banners


Flyers & rack cards

Product packaging

Documents & guides

Signs & displays

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